5 Pinterest Myths That Are Hurting Your Marketing Strategy

5 Pinterest Myths That Are Hurting Your Marketing Strategy

There are many common misconceptions about Pinterest. By now, you may already know the connotations that come with the platform. Suburban moms and millennial influencers come to mind for many when talking about the site, which is why people often overlook it as a viable resource in digital marketing.

These days, Pinterest has a more diverse user base perfect for targeted content. Because the platform tailors its content for each individual’s interests, any digital strategy can benefit from using Pinterest ads.

If you’re going to dive into Pinterest as part of your creative strategy, make sure you know the biggest myths about the platform.

1. There’s Not Enough Traffic on Pinterest

Too often, businesses have the perception that Pinterest doesn’t have a good return on investment. The reality is that the platform can provide a steady stream of traffic to your company, although you won’t feel it immediately. Pinterest is not for those in a hurry, but those who are patient should be happy with their results.

The more established your account becomes on the website, the more impressions and engagement you can get. With over 454 million monthly active users, you could tap into a massive audience.

2. It’s Already Too Populated Competitively

As much as you want plenty of active users, you may not want to have the same amount of competition. Plenty of businesses steer clear of the channel because they think there is already a saturation of content and paid advertising.

However, organic advertising is still worth exploring on Pinterest. Combining these efforts with Pinterest ads can create a solid strategy that brings relevant traffic to your business.

3. Only Women Use Pinterest

Nobody wants to have a limited demographic, so people avoid Pinterest because of the idea that only women use the platform. However, the Pinterest of today is more diverse. 40 percent of its users are male, with 60 percent being female.

You can tailor your content to cater to both men’s and women’s interests accordingly. This is very helpful if your targeted audience or your product is men-centric. That said, you should note that women drive around 80 percent of all consumer purchasing

4. Pinterest Has a Limited Scope of Interest

Don’t buy into the idea that Pinterest only works for recipes, DIYs, and weddings. It’s in the very nature of the platform to host a wide array of interests. They are made to showcase everything under the sun. The only way this is narrowed down is based on each user’s preferences.

The way to permeate that space is by using the right keywords and curating your content. Recipes may be the leading content on Pinterest, but occupying the rest of that space is possible.

5. You’re Stuck with Photography

Because of the whole ‘pinning’ mechanic, there’s this idea that Pinterest only really works using photography. While professional images will give you that edge, you are not limited to that option. Well-made graphics and keywords combined with stock imagery can still create an impact when you execute it well.


If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest train, it may be time to get on board. It’s a great way to diversify your digital presence and have one more platform under your belt to get leads. Any content creation agency worth its salt should maximize what Pinterest can serve for your business.

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