5 Factors to Consider in Creating Social Media Content

5 Factors to Consider in Creating Social Media Content

Content creation in social media can become a bit tricky. The primary way out is to hire services from content creation agencies. However, for people wanting to do it on their own, there are many things to consider aside from search engine optimization and other technicalities. Therefore, what factors should content creators think about when creating social media content?

1. Platform Used

There are various types of social media platforms on the internet. Each has its guidelines and established culture that content creators should have mastered by now. What you post on Facebook shouldn’t be similar or the same as what you’re going to publish on Twitter.

In every social media platform targeted, there should be a different approach to the content. For example, if your focus is on Facebook users, it’s best to speak their language and go along with the website’s culture—comedy, personal posts, and serious discussions.

2. Target Audience

Identifying the target audience should make creating content more accessible. Knowing the people who will read and consume your content should hint at which topics and approaches they will appreciate the most.

Demographics play a vital role in identifying the people you aim for. For example, categorizing them based on gender, race, age, physical ability, religion, and socio-economic status should help content creators filter out the good and bad things in their content. Since cancel culture is rampant online, it’s best not to test the waters and play it safe.

3. Brand’s Tone

A content tone refers to how severe, informative, friendly, or intimidating a range becomes. For example, medical brands tend to use a powerful and more educated manner in their posts. As a result, people don’t have difficulty accepting the information they have provided as facts.

Meanwhile, for brands targeting a younger audience, it’s best to keep a friendly and easily understandable tone to understand the posts better. It wouldn’t be child-friendly if kids aged six to eight years old would see a post about toys embedded with many statistics data.

4. Creativity

Although posting online sometimes requires being straightforward, it also pays to become creative from time to time. Instead of publishing a minimalist and clear photo stating an announcement, why not make it a video?

Play with the media you have around you. The only goal is to make your audience understand the message you’re trying to imply. However, it was never told how you should do things. But always remember to initiate them at your discretion and not based on somebody else’s.

5. Trends

Lastly, the best way to generate engagement online is by riding trends. Although they aren’t new to social media, they are still effective ways to help readers understand and relate to the content. 

However, remember to choose which trends to ride. Some might not be pleasing to your target audience and may cost you more than you earn from them if you aren’t careful.


Social media has transformed from being a platform that connects people from all over the world to a mode of communication where people can discuss various topics among other people. As we enter the digital age, the power of social media has further increased and has now become a modern way to engage, promote, and advertise products and services. Although the process is tricky, there are many things that people can benefit from mastering the art of posting on social media.

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