Navigating Instagram: 3 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Navigating Instagram: 3 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The age of digital marketing makes it more accessible for business owners to promote their brands across different platforms. With the integration of social media networks into daily life, companies can easily reach their target audience without a rigorous application and publication process. They can just set up their social media business page and promote as they please, with some restrictions on the platform’s guidelines, of course.

Committing Marketing Mistakes in Instagram

While it’s easier to spread the word about your brand online, that doesn’t mean you’re free from the risks of engaging with the social media mob. Although you can easily delete or edit your posts after publishing them, the internet can be pretty unforgiving of the mistakes you make. For this reason, unless you want to appear unprofessional or hostile online, you need to watch your steps on specific platforms.

In this article, we’ll share three marketing mistakes you should avoid on Instagram.

1. Faking Your Likes and Followers

Receiving a certain level of internet notoriety is necessary to appeal to customers and even brand partners. This is why most businesses focus their efforts on raising their social media figures through likes and follows. However, some establishments opt for the easy way out of simply buying likes and shares.

While five to six-digit figures on your online profile may look appealing, that doesn’t necessarily translate to better sales figures. This will reflect on the low engagement rate of your Instagram posts, making people dubious of your authenticity as a company. Additionally, Instagram can crack down on your account and report it as being linked to fake or alternate accounts. It’s a strike on your online street cred you don’t wouldn’t want to have.

2. Using Low-Quality Images

Using the proper resolution and file dimensions on all your marketing collaterals is the most basic rule of digital marketing. There are numerous guides online, from blogs with image examples and videos, that will teach you these guidelines. Some of these rules have more bearing on your audience, depending on the social media platform you’re using.

If you’re on Instagram, the main mode of communication is through visual imagery. This is why it’s more noticeable on this platform when you upload the wrong image size and quality. Besides the quality and dimensions of your images, remember that your images’ composition should fit your marketing plan. For example, it’s best to use minimal filters and alterations when showcasing your products. Remember to remain authentic while being stylish and appealing to your target market.

3. Avoiding Consistent Posting Behavior

Like search engines, social media platforms rank your page’s visibility according to certain qualities and behaviors. Posting frequency is one of the essential habits you should maintain to develop your online presence. It’s not just about consistently posting content several times a day; you should also observe content relevance while presenting diversified content.

Avoid recycling your content pieces unless they’re reminders of ongoing events or promos. If you want to strictly remain on time, you can automate your posting behavior through scheduled posts to plan days and even weeks ahead of time.


Being more mindful of the marketing mistakes you could commit in every platform frees you from oversights in the future. Because of this, you won’t have to suffer from the blowback of the offenses listed above. However, the digital landscape is constantly changing, and digital etiquette and viewing behavior continue to adapt. Since business owners are expected to keep up with these changes consistently, it’s not uncommon to make a few mishaps here and there. This is why brands opt to relegate their marketing functions to marketing experts instead.

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