3 Facts You Should Know About CPG Brands’ Audience

3 Facts You Should Know About CPG Brands’ Audience

The future looks bright for your business in high velocity consumer packaged goods (CPG). This includesas food products, drinks, clothes, cosmetics, beauty products, and other household items. Since these goods consistently have a high demand and usually sell quickly, you are likely to stay in the industry for many years to come. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, especially with the extremely tough competition. 

Every business in this type of industry knows the importance of marketing, resulting in a fight for advertising space. Reaching customers is also now more challenging than ever before because of their ever-changing attitudes and behaviors regarding shopping. To better understand their thoughts, take a look into the minds of the people you are targeting by reading the facts below.

Many online grocery shoppers now are expected to continue buying online

Many CPG shoppers do their shopping online instead of purchasing products from groceries and other brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, according to statistics published by ROI Revolution, online grocery sales increased by 53 percent to 89.22 billion dollars in 2020.  They are also projected to hit 129.72 billion dollars with a growth of 17 percent by 2023. 

Meanwhile, 68 percent of new digital grocery shoppers intend to continue online grocery shopping in the future. This significant growth is mainly because of the coronavirus pandemic. Online grocery shopping provides customers with a safe option to buy essential items.

At present, eCommerce is expected to bring in over 843 billion in sales this year. That being said, you have to find ways to reach online customers and use innovative strategies to stand out from your competitors. 

Customers still discover brands via TV

The rise of the Internet made many business owners assume more traditional advertising methods are no longer effective. The truth is while many customers explore different brands, research products, and buy items online, consumers still discover brands through TV ads

TV advertising is a traditional advertising form that is still preferred by audiences today. Because of this, it’s advisable to explore both online and TV channels to maximize your reach. Incorporate TV ads into your advertising strategy while taking into consideration the importance of online advertising and SEO.

For online advertising, consider partnering with C/C/G a full-service marketing agency in Los Angeles. We can help you build a connection with your audience, establish a loyal customer base, and encourage them to shop for your products seamlessly across platforms. In addition, we are experienced in developing marketing campaigns that deliver sustained and lasting results.

Many customers rely on word of mouth to discover brands

Establishing a positive online image is crucial. This fact is further emphasized by a study revealing that brand loyalty is related to word of mouth for CPG products. However, it also shows that this is less the case for online word of mouth (eWOM) than for in-person word of mouth. 

Now that you know that many customers discover brands through in-person word of mouth, you now have an increased chance of turning them into advocates by sharing relevant social media posts, offering incentives and rewards, and providing exclusive content. 


Crafting a CPG marketing strategy requires knowledge of your target market. By considering the facts listed above when creating your marketing tactic, you will form and convey a message that engages and strikes a chord that genuinely resonates with them. Additionally, team up with reputable companies like ours to get desired results.

C/C/G is a full-service digital creative agency in California offering CPG expansion. We also provide branding, social media, and creative production services. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!

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