As your creative and digital partner our mission is to #CreateConnectGood.

There is a change in value where it is no longer a 1-1 ratio of what makes a company, community or individual a success. Success is no longer only measured in monetary goods. People are looking for freedom, a way to give back and technology that enables them to create and tell their story. We identify, create and innovate around trends in technology bridging the gap between storytelling, strategy and just plain old good business.


CCG was founded in 2010 with a deep focus on blending creative & technology to empower businesses, engage consumers and drive social change.

The world is changing daily and being innovative takes serious focus. We work with you to create the strategy, creative and technology to tap into changing technologies, business models, demographics and global trends.

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  • Native Apps
  • In-Store Apps
  • eCommerce
  • Internet of Things
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  • Art of Storytelling
  • Native Advertising
  • Community Lifestyle
  • The New Hollywood
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Giving back

  • 4Profit, 4Good
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Brand Stands
  • Millennial Marketplace
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Branding & Marketing

  • Brand Identity
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Demand Generation
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Consumer Products

  • Mobile eCommerce
  • Point of Sale Engagement
  • in-Store Experience
  • Predictive Analytics
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  • Innovation Consulting
  • Responsive UI & UX
  • Pro-Social Platforms
  • Full-Funnel Marketing
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  • Social Shopping
  • Beacons & Retail Innovation
  • Content Creation
  • Crowdfunding
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Global Marketplace

  • Multi-Language Experiences
  • International Commerce
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Social Media & Content
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Emerging Technology

  • Virtual Skill Building
  • Augmented Reality
  • Microtransactions + Paid Content
  • Wearable Tech
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